Fedha na Uhasibu


To provide financial management and book-keeping services for the Ethics Secretariat.



  • Timely preparation and payment of salaries
  • Proper payroll management;
  • Budget for personnel emoluments;

Cash Office

  • Submission of voucher list to the Treasury;
  • Collection of all cheques from Treasury;
  • Banking cash and cheques;
  • Preparation of monthly flash report;
  • Payment of cash/cheques to employees/customers (service Provider);
  • Batching of paid vouchers;
  • Maintenance of cash book;
  • Preparation and effecting all payments;


  • Collection of all revenues;
  • Manage the revenue according to regulations and guidelines;
  • Collect annual rent and application fees and other impositions;
  • Supervise the collection of revenue ;


  • Timely preparation of pension papers;
  • Maintenance of pension records;


  • Prepare budget;
  • Monitor expenditure;

Pre – Audit/Examination

  • Ensure proper documentation to support vouchers, including authorization according to regulations;
  • Ensure adherence to the relevant acts, regulations, circulars e ; and
  • Reply all Audit queries raised during the previous financial year.