Jaji wa Rufani Sivangilwa Sikalalilwa Mwangesi
Kamishna wa Maadili


Name: Sivangilwa Sikalalilwa Mwangesi

Date of birth: 14th February 1956

Gender: Male

Nationality: Tanzanian

Marital Status: Married

Designation: Ethics Secretariat Commissioner

Language spoken: Kiswahili and English

Contact address:

Office address: President’s Office,

Ethics Secretariat,

18 Jakaya Kikwete Street,

Kambarage Tower,

P. O. Box 225,



  • LLB (Hons), University of Dar Es Salaam Tanzania, 1988
  • Diploma in Education (Teaching), Marangu Teachers Training College Moshi, 1983

Other Trainings:

  • Information communication technology skills programs, ESAMI Tanzania, 2009.
  • System for checking and monitoring compliance and procurement management (SCMP) Arusha Tanzania, 2009.
  • Anti-Piracy Training for Trainers, Dar Es Salaam Tanzania, 2007.
  • Judicial Administration and Case Management, RIPA UK, 2006.
  • Personnel Management, Durban South Africa, 2005.
  • Judicial System Training in Drug Related Case Work, Pretoria South Africa, 2001.
  • Judicial Ethics Committee Members’ Training, Morogoro Tanzania 1999.
  • International Human Rights Law in Administration of Justice, Dar Es Salaam Tanzania 1999.
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR), Dodoma Tanzania, 1999.
  • Management and Administrative Skills for Resident Magistrates, Morogoro Tanzania, 1994.

Working experience

  • Teacher, Iyunga Secondary School Mbeya, 1983 to 1985;

Teaching English language and English Literature.

  • State Attorney Trainee in the Attorney General’s Chambers 1988.

Representing the Government in Criminal and Civil litigation.

  • Resident Magistrate Grade III 1989, to Principal Resident Magistrate Grade I 2006;

Presiding over different matters ranging from Criminal, Civil, Probate, Matrimonial and other types of litigation in subordinate Courts in Tanzania.

  • Chairman of Iringa Regional Housing Tribunal 1999 to 2001;

Adjudicating disputes between tenants and Landlords.

  • Part time Tutorial Assistant, Tumaini University of Iringa;

Teaching first year University students - Criminal Law and supervising their groupseminars.

  • Magistrate in the Republic of Seychelles, 2001 to 2003;

Performing magisterial duties on Technical Exchange Program between the two Governments (Tanzania and Seychelles).

  • Judge of the High Court of Tanzania, 2009 to 2016;

Performing judicial duties in both criminal and civil litigation.

  • Justice of Appeal, Court of Appeal of Tanzania, 2016 to 2020;

Performing judicial duties at the apex of the judiciary hierarchy.

  • Ethics Commissioner, Ethics Secretariat of Tanzania, 2020 to date;

Performing supervision role in enforcing compliance with the code of ethics law by Public Leaders.

Posts held

  • District Resident Magistrate In-charge, Songea District, 1993 to 1998;

Performing all administrative duties of the Judiciary in the District.

  • Resident Magistrate In – charge for the Region of Iringa, 1998 to 2001. The Region of Mara 2004 to 2004. The Region of Dar Es Salaam 2006 to 2008;

Performing all administrative duties of the Judiciary in the Region.

  • District Registrar, High Court of Tanzania Land Division, 2004 to 2006;

Performing administrative duties of the Judiciary for all matters pertaining to land under the guidance of the Judge In-charge.

  • Senior Deputy Registrar of the Court of Appeal, 2008 to 2009;

Assisting the Registrar of the Court of Appeal on different duties as would be assigned by the Registrar.

  • Judge In-charge, High Court of Tanzania Bukoba Zone, 2015 to 2016.

Involved in all matters of administration of the Judiciary in the zone.

  • Judge In –charge, High Court of Tanzania, Land Division, 2016 to 2016.
  • Commissioner of Ethics Secretariat.